Traditional Taiji Student
I feel practicing the art of Tai chi chuan and Qi Kung has helped me to become a higher version of myself, while also humbling me more every day.  It has helped me to feel my place in the universe, to feel my connection to all things, and has given me a deep sense of peace, mental flexibility, and spiritual serenity.  Because of this, my relationships with the people in my life are strengthened, deeper, and more rewarding.  I see how special and unique each individual is and how precious life is.  Tai chi chuan cultivates my humanity and helps to clarify and guide me in following my path of duty to my creator and service to the people around me.  It has given me good coping skills in difficult situations and has taught me how to dissipate stress.
Physically, I have no complaints.  Practicing the art has made my immune system strong and increased my body's resilience.  I am not very susceptible to illnesses I encounter.  I work in a crowded office environment and people are constantly sick around me.  I almost never catch what they have and if I do catch their illness, my symptoms are very mild and I usually recover in a day or two (using no medications) when it takes my co-workers weeks to heal, while they often use medications comprised of synthetic chemicals.  Before I started practicing Tai chi chuan I had constant pain and stiffness in all of my muscles and some of my joints, but as long as I practice regularly, I have no pain the majority of the time.  Also, If I happen to suffer a bodily injury, I heal very quickly.  Tai chi chuan makes my muscles supple, my tendons and ligaments sinuous, keeps my circulation flowing at a great level, elevates my energy level and increases my endurance.  I have also achieved a high level of balance and coordination as a result of my continuing practice.  I am not completely invincible, but I sure feel like I am most of the time. 
The martial aspects of the art have taught me that I have options, am not helpless, and if I were attacked I don't automatically have to be a victim.  Tai chi chuan and Qi Kung have given me so much.  I am deeply affected by it and inspired.  It has really increased my quality of life tremendously and for that I am deeply grateful.