Tournament Results

First Annual Gateway Chinese Martial Arts Championship

St Louis, Mo. March 24th, 2012



I am happy to report for the first time, International Chinese Martial Arts Championship (ICMAC) hosted by Sifu Justin Meehan & Sifu Ray Hildreth was held in St Louis, Mo. Our school had 15 students competing in Hunyuan Taiji division  this was the first time Hunyuan was entered as a division outside of Chen style. I would like to thank tournament promoter Nick Scima and Sifu Justin Meehan for having Hunyuan Taijiquan in this event. Local instructors and local students help make up the necessary staff to run this special event in St Louis. Thanks guys . . .


Everyone had a good time and shared in the experience of a tournament, this was the first time for most students. Check out the links below for tournament results and a examiner articles written by Sifu Violet Li.

 I.C.M.A.C.  Tournament Results


I.C.M.A.C.  Tournament Photos