Five Element Mutual Nourishment & Mutual Restraint

Five Element Mutual Nourishment & Mutual Restraint
Mutual nourishment feeds a normal pattern or the five elements. Mutual restraint keeps each other element in check. If I wanted to stop a flood I would bring earth or sand bags to keep the water back. If I wanted to put out the fire I would bring water to help me. The water will help vegetation grow. If it grows too much or in the wrong way, I will bring the metal to cut it down. I can save the wood for the winter months to keep warm with a fire. I will put the ashes in the earth. This is my example of using the five elements to everyday living. This also works in the human organs and the possible adverse conditions, the illness of one organ can also indicate problems in the corresponding organs.
The five elements of seasons: (spring-summer-late summer-autumn-winter). Five elements of colors: (green-red-yellow-white-black). Five elements of taste: (sour-bitter-sweet-spicy-salty). Five elements of the weather: (wind-hot-wet-dry-cold).
Human Body
The five elements of specific openings: (eyes-tongue-month-nose-ears.) Five elements of emotions: (anger-joy-pensiveness-sorrow-fear). Five elements of viscera: (liver-heart-spleen-lungs-kidneys). Five elements of bowels: (gall bladder-small intestine-stomach-large intestine-urinary bladder).