Testimonial #1

Traditional Taiji Student
Not much of a writer, but I really enjoy your classes. The time we spend on chi kung helps to build a strong chi feeling that can be recalled during the week. I also like the martial flavor of our style. Push hands is great fun and is important to me because it seems like an application of all the mechanics we are training. It is an application of our form that allows us to test our progress. Taoism has always been interesting to me. It is interesting to see how Taoist ideas are directly applied in Taiji, like circular motion, and advancing and retreating in push hands. It is nice to hear the classics quoted so frequently. It ties our practice to the practice of the old masters. 
Early on you asked what I wanted to study, but I didn't really know at the time. I've thought about the question since and came up with this list. Maybe you can help me get through some of it over the next few years. Push hands seems like a great place to start and also a deep ongoing practice. I am also very excited to learn the yi lu. I hope we can continue on that one. I've always wanted to learn a staff form so any opportunity to learn the staff would be great. And finally, one day I hope to learn some stuff from the er lu. It looks very powerful, beautiful and intricate. That is where I would like for my Taiji to go one day. It seems like a crazy long list. How can we get there? 
Thanks for all of your help and encouragement. It is great to work with you learning Taiji!