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 Just Talking Taiji
In Taiji always do your best even if you lose, don’t lose the lesson.     
The point is long life with happiness, they say it’s the healthy approach. Make it the best time possible, my long time student from Wellbridge Health Center passed away last year, she was over 80 years young. Her Taiji form was not the best but her efforts where the best I can remember. She always told me to call her Helen and not Ms whatever her last name was. She loved silk reeling because it gave her flexibility, she gave me tips on teaching Taiji, keep teaching it and do not change your way. I will keep that in my memories and my lessons.
As we practice Taiji, look for the timing of the movements first and not the power. We have to slow down to notice the timing it’s very important. Speed kills the moment, power will ruins the flavor and your progress will take longer to produce. Give it time and don’t rush in or out your practice. 
This school has a record of doing (Wu Wei) we have gone to many tournaments around the country, we have traveled to China & Finland to work with Grandmaster Feng. The students that make this school what it is, I am proud to be with you all. We all can learn a lesson or two just by being.
                                                               Ancient Words of Wisdom
1. Be nice to everyone you meet and you will never have to watch your back
2. Don’t let a small dispute ruin a good relationship
3. As you realize you made a mistake, correct it quickly, don’t hesitate
4. Responsability for your actions and remember, your non-action hurts just as much
Sifu Herb