China January 2007

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My trip to Beijing, China

Wow, what a place China is. I was not very happy with the first night because of bad hotel we stayed at. After 14-15 hours in the air the last thing you would want is sleep in your clothes and shoes, rermember its January. The heat was not working at this place, we could not get another hotel that night. So I was off too a hard start, I wanted to come home the very first night in Beijing. But for my art and my teachers I can take it, I don't like it but I can hack it.

Sifu Justin the next morning calm things down and then its off to the resort with everything you can think of. I was there for Hunyaun Taiji and the first big event for Hunyuan in China with Grand-Master Feng Zhiqiang. As one school in the U.S., (San Francisco & St Louis) we made up 38 students. We almost made the largest school outside of China coming to this event Spain beat us out with 45 students. 

The First International Symposium of Hunyuan Taijiquan 
 Beijing, China January 2007


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